Stephen R. Covey

Your daily, personal coach in your pocket!

Be inspired by Stephen R. Covey! You will receive a push-message daily at 12 o’clock with a quote of the day, containing a wise lesson from Covey’s work.

Also, this app offers all sorts of things related to Covey: direct access to Twitter, Facebook and films by Stephen R. Covey and an overview of his products that are available in The Netherlands and Belgium, his books and possibilities to execute his insights in real life, be it guided or at done at home by yourself.

Under ‘Quote’ you will find the quote of the day. Under ‘Read’ you will find the index and the first chapters of all Coveys books, under ‘Do’ you will find things to do to practice Covey’s work. For instance, a tool to get your own priorities clear, a tool to improve focus or a planner for 31 days. Finally, under the tab ‘About’ you will find information on Stephen R. Covey.